Viral experimental artist sparks debate among TikTok users: “So bad that it’s good”

Christy Mathew
tiktok experimental artist

Users on TikTok are confused if an experimental artist going viral on the platform is really talented –or if he is just scribbling, dividing them online.

Lewis Rossignol, posted a TikTok on March 15, which saw the artist draw a close-up of a car, along with wobbly lines and some crayon colors.

A popular comment under the video had a user stating how the artist’s work is the epitome of “trust the process” which initially looks like scribbling but turns out “poetic somehow”.

The TikTok garnered more than 5 million views and 1,600 comments where some users saw the beauty in his end work, while others were simply not impressed by it.

TikTok users debate if Lewis is talented or not

Some suggested that the TikToker drew it with his weaker hand as a user stated that the art was so bad that it made them want to throw up while another compared the work with that of a child.

The experimental artist had, however, not responded to the negative comments as he continues posting videos on the platform. He has eventually found defenders of his work where one commented, “I have never seen anything so bad yet so good that I like it, it’s like being a professional child.”

Rossignol included the comment in his follow-up video and later on addressed the negativity. In a TikTok post on July 11, the experimental artist captioned his video as a response to people insulting him.

He captioned the video saying trolls keep telling him he draws like a three-year-old, “as if I’m supposed to take it as an insult”.

Even though his work receives criticism, the experimental artist keeps gaining views and followers.