Vikkstar, Zerkaa, Miniminter & more issue apology over KSI racial slur incident

Zerkka, Vikkstar, and MiniminterInstagram: Zerkaa, Vikkstagram, Miniminter

Sidemen stars Vikkstar, Zerkaa, Miniminter, and more have issued personal apologies after a recent video included KSI saying a racial slur.

In early April, the Sidemen uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that included a racial slur from KSI that had been bleeped out before it went live.

KSI has since apologized for his comment, mentioning that “there are no excuses” and that he will make sure his actions are louder than words.

But now Sidemen members Vikkstar, Zerkaa, Miniminter and more have issued personal apologies regarding the incident.

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Vikkstar, Zerkaa, and Miniminter issue personal apologies

On April 5, 2023, several members of the Sidemen posted apologies from their personal Twitter accounts.

Vikkstar was among the first to issue a statement.

“Following our group statement, I want to make a personal apology to everyone hurt by my reaction to comments made in last week’s Sidemen video,” he said.

“As a South Asian, I fell short of my responsibility to ensure this racial slur, which sadly I’m all too familiar with, is not tolerated nor trivialized. This is a mistake I won’t ever make again.”

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Zerkaa’s statement followed shortly after, with him expressing how disappointed he is in his reaction to the comment from KSI, and that it showed a “huge amount of ignorance” on their part.

He also mentioned that the Sidemen have put individual and collective measures in place to ensure something like this never happens again.

Miniminter also issued a statement on his account around the same time as the others.

“On a personal note I want to apologize also, the ignorance shown can’t be ignored and I genuinely am sorry from the bottom of my heart, it won’t happen again.”

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A fourth member of the Sidemen, Behzinga, also made a post emphasizing how sorry he is about the incident that took place during Sidemen Sunday.

The group quickly deleted their video following the backlash and has been met with a wide variety of reactions since their initial apology.

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