PewDiePie is “so f**king jealous” of Vikkstar’s new YouTuber mansion

PewDiePie jealous of Vikkstar new mansionYouTube: PewDiePie, Vikkstar

PewDiePie has made a habit of rating influencer house tours, usually with a negative consensus… but Vikkstar’s massive new mansion may have finally impressed him.

PewDiePie is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator. Boasting over 110 million subscribers, it’s safe to say he’s the undisputed “king” of the platform — and, as such, he’s taken it into his own hands to grade his fellow creators’ shiny new houses.

Influencer house tours are nothing new. Once someone gets on the path to internet stardom, it stands to reason they’d upgrade their living conditions to match their income level, often sharing their new abodes with their viewers.

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Some YouTuber houses are more opulent than others, and some are just downright outrageous — a fact that PewDiePie isn’t scared to call out. Thus far, he’s roasted the homes of Pokimane, David Dobrik, and even TikTok star Neekolul, finding fault with each one (but, admittedly, giving praise where it’s due).

PewDiePie rates Pokimane houseYouTube: Pokimane, PewDiePie
PewDiePie claimed that Pokimane’s gaming setup was “uncomfortable” — but Pokimane didn’t take his comments too seriously.

This time, though, a YouTuber may have finally made him jealous. Vikkstar, a UK-based influencer with over 7 million subscribers, unveiled his James Bond-style mansion a few days ago… and it’s safe to say that PewDiePie was impressed, if begrudgingly so.

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Vikkstar’s new home boasts a cozy cinema room, a home gym (complete with a kitchenette), a koi pond, hot tub, and a pool, alongside a massive kitchen/living area and two other spacious living rooms.

The master bathroom is truly a sight to see, bedecked in black marble that’s perfect for concocting one’s evil plans. While PewDiePie took issue with some of the décor and the grey/black color scheme of the house, he admitted that he was jealous of Vikkstar’s abode, as he’s stuck in his current accommodations until he can move to his spot in Japan.

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“I’m so f**king jealous,” PewDiePie laughed. “I have so much money, but I’m here, because I am waiting to move, and it’s so frustrating. Another problem is, I would never buy a house like this, ’cause it’s just like, why?”

“What is wrong with me?” he continued. “I’m jealous, but I could get it, but I don’t want it. What the f**k?”

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Even though he was highly complimentary toward the mansion, he ended up putting Vikkstar’s new pad in C-Tier — but that’s high praise coming from PewDiePie, who will have to wait until he can move overseas to show off his own new house.

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