TGFBro reveal how Vikkstar got their YouTube channel back from crypto hackers

an image of tgfbro on happy hour podcastYouTube: TGFBro

YouTuber duo TGFBro revealed on the Happy Hour Podcast how Sidemen co-founder Vikkstar helped them retrieve their channel back from crypto hackers.

When you’re crafting a YouTube empire, the last thing you want to experience is losing hours of hard work. Hacking the accounts of content creators has, unfortunately, become commonplace these days and TGFBro’s found this out the hard way.

Comprised of duo Jamie ‘Jay’ Swingler and Romell Claudius Henry, the pair woke up one day to a barrage of messages explaining that their YouTube account had been taken over.

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Now, the duo have revealed how Sidemen co-founder Vikkstar aided them in claiming their account back.

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Appearing on the Happy Hour Podcast, Jamie and Romell shared the difficulty and stress of getting their channel back from hackers. “Just two months ago I woke up, with about 50 text messages…it was a Russian hacker,” Romell began to explain.

The pair were forcefully logged out of their account and rebranded as ‘MicroStrategy’, with content focused on crypto-currency uploaded on their channel.

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“It was so awkward because we couldn’t get hold of the channel and they kept uploading their own like videos…we lost 80,000 subs in one day,” Romell continued.

Despite several attempts to get assistance, the pair turned to an unexpected ally: Vikkstar.

“I messaged some people I’ve not spoken to on Twitter,” said Romell before Jamie added more context: “Bro I was DM’ing Vikkstar, I was just desperate. I was like ‘do you know anyone?’ He’s a tech wizard bro.”

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Thanks to establishing contact with Vikkstar and more, the pair were able to alert key figures at YouTube to rectify the situation.

Since getting back into their account, the pair have ensure every form of security is in place to prevent another breach in the future. The pair aren’t the only ones crossing paths with the world of crypto-currency either.

Kim Kardashian has recently completed a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, following a complication with the star promoting Ethereum Max.

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