Viewer shocks homeless streamer with incredible birthday surprise

Michael Gwilliam

IRL YouTube streamer Salmon Andy has backpacked across America from New York City to Los Angeles and just turned 27 on September 2. 

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The homeless star claims to have been to 24 states, aspires to make films, and has turned travel into a lifestyle. According to his YouTube channel, the YouTube streamer is “using this experience to film and aim to put a movie together”. 

It’s crazy to imagine being homeless and a streamer in 2019, but with the internet and a phone to document his every move, Salmon Andy has amassed a good amount of support. And as you’ll see, support can come in clutch. 

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On Sept 2, the streamer tweeted, “Today, I project my energy onto the stream…and the energy of the chat shall not project onto me (unless positive). With that being said… My first ever 24 hour stream goes down in 3 hours.”

“I’m hype to celebrate 27 years of life with you all. Today we feast, celebrate, n drink!” he added. 

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While at a restaurant celebrating, an employee dropped off a cake for the 27-year-old completely out of the blue, catching the nomad off-guard.

“Sweet, how did you know?” Andy asked. 

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“Steve called,” the waiter replied. 

“Who the fuck’s Steve?” a flabbergasted Andy responded. “Motherfucking Steve, yo. That’s what happens when you’re live. You get random people… I appreciate you, Steve. Thank you, man.” 

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And with that, Andy held up his freshly received cake equipped with a candle and everything. We have to say, that cake looked pretty delicious. 

Eventually, Salmon asked his chat to sing the birthday song along with him, but made one notable changeup near the end. “Happy Birthday dear Salmon, make a wish and smoke your eighth,” he sang before blowing out the candle and digging in. 

Hopefully the rest of Salmon’s birthday went just as eventful as his surprise cake. 

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