Valorant pro SicK moves to Kick and threatens to sue Twitch over two-week ban

Connor Bennett
SicK sat in black chair wearing red Sentinels jersey next to Twitch logoCOLIN YOUNG-WOLFF/RIOT GAMES

Former Sentinels Valorant star Hunter ‘SicK’ Mimms has threatened to sue Twitch after being hit with a two-week ban – and he’s already started streaming on Kick. 

After getting into the professional ranks of CS’GO back in 2015, it took a few years for SicK to make his mark on the international stage. After a run with the likes of Misfits, Rogue, and Complexity, he found himself slightly in the wilderness playing for Chaos. 

Like a number of CS:GO pros at the time, once Valorant became an option, SicK transitioned over there in mid-2020 – joining up with the Sentinels squad, where he’s been for three years. Though, the last year of that has been as an inactive player, taking a break due to his mental health, but remaining as a substitute if called upon.

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However, the last few weeks have been turbulent for him. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing on March 4, after getting into a confrontation at a Ferrari dealership. That resulted in a short jail spell. He’s also been hit with bans from Twitch amid, what former teammates have called, “erratic” behavior. 

SicK threatens to sue Twitch after getting two-week ban

Well, the former CS:GO and Valorant pro has been banned from Twitch once again, this time for two weeks, and now he’s threatening to sue the Amazon-owned platform. 

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“I have been banned from Twitch again … for two weeks. Not really sure what I did wrong this time but I won’t allow it,” he tweeted on May 23, urging Twitch to “help” with the situation. 

“I genuinely did nothing wrong this time. I’m not going to take a two-week ban, might have to sue Twitch if it stays this way.”

Mims also suggested he’d stream on the Stake-backed Kick platform in the meantime, which is something he has actually followed through on. 

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While that was, at first, mooted as just an alternative, he has stated that he’ll stay on Kick if his Twitch ban doesn’t get resolved. 

It remains to be seen what’ll happen, though.

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