Valkyrae explains why Sykkuno often acts awkward on purpose: “It’s his brand”

sykkuno-valkyrae-awkwardTwitch: Sykkuno / YouTube: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter revealed that Sykkuno often acts awkward on purpose, claiming “it’s his brand” and people keep falling for it because he’s good at what he does.

Sykkuno burst onto the streaming scene in 2020, and he’s been one of its biggest stars ever since. However, despite his popularity, he can come across as one of the more modest and reserved streamers on Twitch.

It’s hard to find someone who knows him better than Rae. They’ve been friends for several years now and recently even became roommates.

During her stream on March 20, she revealed that he acts awkward on purpose sometimes.

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sykkuno-valkyrae-awkwardTwitter: Valkyrae
Valkyrae claimed Sykkuno wanted to look awkward in this group photo.

The conversation came up when Rae was looking at a picture she posted of her and her new roommates. People in her chat pointed out that Sykkuno looked awkward in the shot, so she revealed the truth.

“For the record, there are some people that say things like, Sykkuno looks so uncomfortable,” she said.

“I just want you to know that he literally said out loud I’m going to look as awkward as possible on purpose.”

She also implied that he does it elsewhere, too. “It is what he does. Sykkuno does it on purpose. He knows his brand alright. I am going to say it out loud because some of you are falling for it. He’s a genius.”

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Rae wasn’t suggesting that his whole streaming personality is a lie, per se. Instead, she appeared to be implying that Sykkuno simply plays into his awkwardness a bit, especially when it comes to things like group photos.

Either way, fans can’t seem to get enough of him, and neither can other streamers. He’s established himself as one of the most popular and entertaining streamers on Twitch. So, what he’s doing, whether intentional or not, is working well.