Pokelawls praises Sykkuno for being a “gift” to Twitch community for unique reason

An image of Pokelawls and SykunnoTwitch: Pokelawls, Sykkuno

Twitch streamer Pokelawls has nothing but praise for fellow creator Sykkuno, as he explains why the streaming sensation is a “gift” for the platform. 

It can be difficult to forge an identity in the Twitch community, as the platform is saturated with thousands of creators.

However, in the case of Sykkuno, he’s built a fairly decent standing over the last few years, regularly drawing tens of thousands of viewers within a few moments of going live.

Pokelawls has recognized this, as he went on to discuss the popularity of gaming streamer Sykkuno.

Twitch: PokelawlTwitch: Pokelawls
Pokelawls rose to fame through competitive League of Legends and Overwatch.

Pokelawls claims Sykkuno is “helping” Twitch

During his January 3 stream, Pokelawls reflected on Sykkuno’s impact on the streaming community: “Sykkuno is a f**king gift to Twitch, really,” he said.

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Poke noted how Sykkuno’s audience isn’t dominated by male viewers, which can be the norm for some. “Dude, he’s like the only streamer whose chat is all just girl names. You know what I’m saying? It’s crazy,” he continued.

“It’s not even that it’s easy. Easy is like, kind of weird. I wouldn’t say easy, because it’s kind of weird to think about it like that. It’s not about farming girls like that.”

Speaking on how Sykkuno is fostering a more diverse audience, Pokelawls went on to say: “It’s more so like, your content is enjoyable for women and a lot of girls growing up. That’s cool because Twitch has always been about, like, for guys, which sucks. So he’s bringing a lot of… he’s helping a lot.”

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Sykkuno is often seen collaborating with streaming giants like xQc and Pokimane. Outside of these crossovers, Sykkuno regularly interacts with his rabid fanbase, spending many of the early parts of his broadcasts just chatting about life and asking how everyone is doing.

As we move into 2022, who knows how far he’ll go.