Valkyrae explains how Sykkuno helped her anxiety at the Streamer Awards

Instagram: sykkuwu, valkyrae

YouTube star Valkyrae explained how having fellow influencer Sykkuno by her side helped ease her anxiety during the record-breaking 2022 Streamer Awards.

The first-ever Streamer Awards kicked off this past weekend, recognizing the best and brightest of the internet’s treasure trove of broadcasting talent.

The independent award show — put together by Twitch star QTCinderella and a small production team — saw a slew of the net’s top stars gather together under a single roof.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter was one of these streamers. While she might gather hundreds of thousands of eyeballs online, being at such a prolific event in-person was enough to make her anxiety spike.

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The Streamer Awards NymN interviewing Pokimane on the Red Carpet screenshot.Twitch: QTCinderella
The self-funded show even had a Red Carpet pre-show with interviews, such as this one with Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Pokimane, and Fuslie.

Valkyrae says Sykkuno helped her anxiety at the Streamer Awards

She opened up about the awards during a recent stream, saying that although she was nervous, having fellow steamer and housemate Sykkuno by her side was a major help.

“I hardly took any photos with anyone,” she said of the show. “I was so stressed that I just was standing by Sykkuno and just like, existing.”

“It was very comforting having Sykkuno next to me the whole time because we both were extremely anxious and an anxiety ball,” she continued.

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“Sykkuno does this thing where, when he is anxious, he’ll put his hand to his chest and he’ll go, ‘Whoo.’ It’s so endearing because when I see him do that, I could tell that he feels the exact same way that I do.”

Valkyrae also claimed that many of the invited streamers were also a bit frazzled, referring to the joke streamer NymN made about her controversial RFLCT skincare line during a live interview.

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“I could tell he was really stressed too, and I felt like he probably didn’t want to say it, but for the sake of trolling for the stream, I understand,” she said. “It’s an easy topic. He also pulled out the guitar card on Leslie, so, I get that.”

Despite everyone’s nerves, the Streamer Awards ended up breaking major records on Twitch and even became the hot topic of conversation on Twitter, where it entered the site’s top five trends.

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