Valkyrae and Hasan mock claim that playing games is a “form of depression”

Emma Hill
Valkyrae and Hasan streaming together

Streaming stars Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker hit back after reading a viral tweet claiming that playing video games for long periods of time is a “form of depression.”

There have been numerous concerns over the years about the effect that gaming can have on a player’s mental wellbeing. While the WHO considers ‘gaming disorder’ to be a mental illness, others argue that gaming can provide escapism for a player.

As two of YouTube and Twitch’s most popular streamers, Valkyrae and Hasan have enjoyed many hours chatting to their fans and friends over a game title.

So, understandably, the pair disagreed with a “lifetime gamer” who argued that playing video games relentlessly is a “form of depression.”

Valkyrae argues that gaming can be an “escape”

Valkyrae joined Hasan’s Twitch livestream as the duo spent a good deal of time catching up and watching YouTube videos together. However, they then came across a tweet as the mood turned more serious.

The Twitter user claimed: “As an adult, playing video games for long periods of time is a form of depression […] Think about the 100 greatest moments of your life. Do any of those moments include video games? Probably not.”

However, Valkyrae disagreed saying “people definitely use video games as an escape.” Hasan similarly responded by listing some of the “greatest moments” he’s experience which involve a gaming title.

Although, the “lifetime gamer” stressed that they weren’t targeting those who’d “turned gaming into a career” such as streamers. Rather, it was more directed for those who “consistently devote” a good deal of time to playing games.

“I’ve had a lot of happy moments with video games,” Valkyrae added. “Like, playing Super Nintendo. Playing Lion King and my sister’s just watching me with the little cheat book. My Mom is like cooking dinner and my Dad just got home […] those are good memories.”

The debate over the influence of video games is still a hot topic of discussion across the internet. However, Hasan and Valkyrae made it very clear just how much happiness gaming has brought them.

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