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Disturbing xQc Mean Girls “cameo” leaves Twitch fans perplexed

Published: 27/Sep/2021 23:44

by Bill Cooney


One dedicated xQc fan went to some great lengths to include the streamer in the movie “Mean Girls” and the results are just about as disturbing as you’d expect.

Big Twitch stars like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel are bound to have super fans, but one juicer may have taken their obsession with the streamer a bit overboard.

On the official xQc subreddit, a video was posted on September 25 that gives Felix a cameo as Regina George from the film “Mean Girls,” and it seems to have confused and disturbed just about everyone who’s seen it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i LOOOST 🥵🥵 from xqcow

As you can see in the video above (if you’re brave enough to watch it in full screen), deep fake technology has seemingly gotten to the point where it’s officially gone too far.


xQc’s mug has been seamlessly fitted to Regina’s body, and the results are equal parts hilarious and creepy. Hilarious because the blonde hair fits perfectly (even though Felix has brown hair now, we know), and disturbing because Regina Lengyel’s expressions perfectly match that of the film.

Seriously, the cameo is so well done you can almost hear the streamer saying “get in loser, the stream’s starting.” However, it does beg the question of why Reddit user Josephelasri decided to not only make this but then go and share it with the world.

The existence of this mashup could also imply that a full, recut version of Mean Girls starring Felix as Regina George could also be made. The world probably wouldn’t be ready for it, but great art is often controversial as well.


xQc Twitch
Twitch: xQc
Like Regina George at North Shore High, xQc is one of the most popular people on Twitch, even though he’s no longer a blonde.

We don’t know if xQc has seen this cameo for himself just yet, but he hasn’t looked at his fan-subreddit on stream since it was posted. Seeing as how popular the post has gotten though, there’s a good chance he could as soon as he gets done with the S***Camp streamer meetup.

When he does get back to his regular streams it’ll be worth tuning in just for the chance of him seeing it, as his reaction would be sure to be some great content.