Jessie J walked past HAchubby during Twitch stream and she had no idea

Jessie J walks past HAchubby during Twitch streamTwitch/HAchubby

Famous singer-songwriter Jessie J was spotted in the flesh during HAchubby’s Twitch stream, but both the streamer and her companion, iGumDrop didn’t believe what chat was telling them.

During a July 13 broadcast in LA’s Little Tokyo, both HAchubby and iGumDrop stopped to have a drink and seemed too focused on how disgusting a Canada Dry tasted to notice the celebrity behind them.

After taking a sip of the drink, HAchubby made a disgusted face, but insisted she was going to drink it anyway. At that exact moment, Jessie J walked by.

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As seen in the video, she was wearing a tube top, heart-shaped earrings and the exact same attire she was in when she posted an Instagram video the very same day.

Seeing as the resemblance and clothing is uncanny, it was either definitely her, an extremely skilled impersonator or some sort of advanced clone from the future. However, the other latter options seem quite unlikely.

Despite HAchubby and iGumDrop not noticing her, chat did and tried to get the attention of the streamer duo.

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“What? Jessie J?” the Korean Twitch star asked and looked around when it was too late. “Where’s Jessie J? Jessie J?!”


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“Jessie J is not in Little Tokyo,” iGumDrop confidently stated. “Are you guys talking about actual Jessie J?” Wait, isn’t Jessie J the singer?”

The two continued to look around, but by the time they finally noticed chat, it was too late and she had vanished.

Once more, iGumDrop repeated that she wasn’t really there and chat was mistaken. Not that it would have made a difference as she was already gone, but if the two had met the famous singer, it could have been a collaboration for the ages.

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With HAchubby still in LA, there’s no telling what other famous celebrities she may run into.

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