Uber Eats customer stunned after order says “B*tch” on the receipt

Kawter Abed
Photo 1 shows receipt, which says "B*tch." Photo 2 shows Uber Eats customer's food.

An Uber Eats customer went viral on TikTok after revealing that her order arrived with a receipt that had the word “B*tch” on it.

In a 33-second clip with over 1.2 million views, content creator Florida Feral (floridaferal) revealed why she found the curse word on her Uber Eats ticket, and it wasn’t what she expected.

“I’ve never felt so dumb in my life,” she began. “I ordered a cheeseburger the other night. You can see the time, 8:42 p.m.,” she said while showing her bill. “And my order arrived, and it said ‘B*tch.'”

The confused customer then called the bar she ordered from to find out whether she had done something to justify being cursed out on the receipt. “I called the bar, and I’m like, ‘Did your kitchen close at nine?’ Florida said. “No, they are open until midnight,” the worker told her. “Why?”

Uber Eats customer finds out why order says “B*tch.”

“Well, because my order said ‘B*tch,’” the TikToker responded. In the video, Florida said that was when the worker burst into laughter. “Yeah, it’s called the b*tchin’ burger on our menu, but it doesn’t say that on Uber,” the employee explained. “You’re not the first one to make this mistake.”

“I felt so dumb,” the content creator said, adding that she was too scared to eat her food after reading the receipt.

TikTok users in the comments were in hysterics over the whole situation. “The fact that you called them to make sure they weren’t mad at you,” one wrote, along with a laughing face emoji.

“They need to fix that. Me drunk ordering Uber Eats would’ve woke me up wondering what the hell I did,” another said.

“She was like ‘Is it me? Am I the problem?'” a third person quipped.

“This is so funny. I would have automatically assumed I did something wrong,” someone else shared, to which the TikToker replied, “Thanks for making me feel better.”

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