Uber Eats customer baffled after receiving empty Starbucks drink

Kawter Abed
Uber Eats customer's empty Starbucks drink

An UberEats customer went viral on TikTok after her $20 Starbucks order arrived with a completely empty drink.

Content creator Emely Moreno (emelywithane_) was confused as to how her drink spilled throughout her bag, despite the Starbucks cup being undamaged and sealed with a lid and sticker over the spout.

“This is a message to whoever just delivered my Uber Eats, I need to know what just happened because y’all, look at this,” she said in her video. “First of all, I ordered Starbucks, right? And ask me how I come outside and this is what I see.”

She then recorded her Starbucks bag and took out an iced juice beverage from it, which appeared empty. “Make it make sense, wait…how is this even spilling I’m confused?” the TikToker said.

Emely showed the cup dripping on the steps in front of her house. It looked properly sealed, complete with a small sticker covering the sippy part of the lid. There’s no apparent damage to the container that would that would explain the leaking beverage.

“This makes absolutely no sense, there’s no holes, it has a little covering here, like, this sh*t is soaking wet!” she exclaimed. “The worst part is I paid $20 for that sh*t to get here in speedy mode, but clearly it got here too quick because that sh*t just evaporated!”

Many TikTok users speculated that the delivery driver might have drank the iced juice. “Oh hell nah that person drank and spilled before you got to it,” one commented. “The driver was thirsty,” another said. “Nah they took off the lid and drank it,” someone else agreed.

Others claimed they’d experienced the same thing with their delivered drinks. “Same exact thing happened to me. After I complain for an hour, I got a refund,” one wrote.

“That happened to me before! The driver swear he did nothing to it but half my drink was at the bottom of the bag!” another shared. “I had that happened to me the other day, both drinks gone,” a third added.

This is just the latest UberEats fiasco to take off on TikTok, after a customer’s order arrived with a plastic cup of uncooked rice.