Uber Eats customer goes viral after getting ‘raw deal’ with uncooked rice

Jake Nichols
Uber Eats customer receives uncooked rice

When Sydney-based TikTok user Shirley Liu ordered from Uber Eats, she received a crunchy side order she never expected – a cup of uncooked rice.

Liu’s post, captioned “Why does this always happen to me?” quickly gained momentum and stirred up a flurry of reactions from TikTok users.

The video showcased the delivery order with Liu playing around with the uncooked rice in the plastic cup.

The unusual order sparked many comments, with some TikTok users pointing out that the blame should fall on the restaurant, not the delivery platform.

One user pointed out, “All Uber Eats did was deliver your food. The restaurant is the one that sent you uncooked rice.” Another added, “Everyone’s so quick to blame the delivery app, but that’s misguided.”

Among the sea of comments, some users found humor in the situation. One user asked, “Did you order the rice’ extra rare’?” while another inquired if cooking instructions were included in the box. Yet another likened the incident to receiving a salad from a pizza place, where customers are expected to chop their own vegetables.

One user suggested that the rice could come in handy if Liu’s phone ever got soaked, playing off the popular advice of using rice to absorb moisture from electronics.

The video has not only triggered amusement but inspired users to share their own delivery mishaps.

Uncooked rice comments
Comments on shirl3yliu’s viral TikTok video

One TikToker shared their tale of ordering a McFlurry, only to receive a cup of Oreo crumbs and a singular flake due to a broken ice cream machine. Another user recalled the disappointment of ordering beef noodle soup and receiving only noodles, while yet another recounted getting plain milk with tapioca instead of their order of brown sugar milk tea.

The strange incident follows similarly-shocking clips, such as when a customer received a receipt with the word “b*tch” on it.

An interesting positive spin came from a user, who commented, “On the bright side, they give you more rice than they normally would have if it was cooked, lol,” while another pointed out that the uncooked rice would yield a lot more than a usual portion of steamed rice.

Despite the comedic value of the incident, the story contributes to the ongoing debate regarding the division of responsibility between food delivery platforms and restaurants for order mishaps. As food delivery apps continue to soar in popularity, these discussions are likely to persist.