Uber driver charges $150 after providing “fake” passenger vomit photos

Rory Teale
Uber Car SickTikTok: lilmiaprado

A woman is going viral on TikTok after claiming that an Uber driver tried to charge her $150 for throwing up in his car – but the photo he provided wasn’t even the same car she traveled in.

Uber is wildly popular as a modern substitute for taxi services, hiring independent drivers to pick people up in their cars- which, if you’re lucky, can be “hella nice BMW’s” – and deliver them to their desired locations.

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But Uber has rules in place to protect passengers and drivers, and with Uber often being used by late-night party-goers, one of these rules is a cleaning fee. If their car is ruined or dirtied by the passengers, a driver can charge them a “cleaning fee” to help them clean up the mess in their vehicle.

But TikToker @lilmiaprado had a nasty surprise two days after what she thought was a peaceful Uber ride home with her friends.

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“Hold up… this isn’t even the same car?”

Mia’s story starts like a usual Uber ride home after a night out: “Me and my girls call an Uber home at 5am.” She was pleasantly surprised by the journey home, being driven in a “hella nice BMW Uber X,” conversing with their driver, who seemed like a “nice college kid.”

But two days later, Mia checked her phone to see she had received an unexpected notification – a $150 Uber “cleaning fee.”

She was immediately shocked, remembering the journey home, but she “didn’t think anyone made a mess.” But Mia checked with her friends, who reassured her that no one made any mess: “Nothing happened during the ride.”

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So Mia contacted Uber and asked for photo proof. The photo they sent showed “hella gross throw-up on the side door.” But that wasn’t the only thing that shocked her, as she realized, “HOLD UP… THIS ISN’T EVEN THE SAME CAR WE WERE IN.”

Viewers commented on her TikTok to let Mia know that she wasn’t the only one to experience this: “this happened to me and I dead contacted them sayin I don’t throw up bc I have a fear of it,” one person complained. But while people have bad experiences with Uber, others have had some pretty cool ones – like this driver who had videogames built into his car seats.

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