Tyler1 challenges chess master Levy Rozman to a match: “I’ll beat this guy first try”

Jeremy Gan

Tyler1 has challenged chess master Levy Rozman to a match, with grandmasters Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura being challenged as well.

Tyler1 is a lot of things, but being unconfident is not one of them. Throughout his streaming career, his brimming confidence has taken him to the peaks of League of Legends, as he became the second-ever person to hit Challenger in all five roles, all done out of spite. 

And it seems that confidence has followed him into PogChamps 5, which is currently ongoing. As the competition grows stronger for Tyler, the commentary team, largely made up of internationally awarded chess players, has critiqued Tyler’s play. 

This set off a confident rant in which Tyler challenged Levy to a chess match, with Magnus and Hikaru being thrown into the mix as well. 

As Levy on the commentary team explained that Tyler could make some improvements on his openings, Tyler replied, “shut the f*** up with your backseat gaming.”

He continues his rant, “Who are you, bro? Put me 1v1 against this guy. I’ll put 10 grand that I beat – I’ll beat this guy first try, who’s this guy to say he can beat me in chess? You haven’t played me bro.”

He goes on to challenge other masters of chess, with Hikaru and Magnus getting challenged. “You could put me against that Hikaru guy, or the Magnus Carlsen guy, I will body them, bro.” 

Tyler explained his chess skills, “I level up to my opponent, by the way. I match the competition.” Further explaining that whoever he plays, he would equally perform to their skills. 

For context of how good Levy, Hikaru, and Magnus are; Levy is currently ranked 3591 worldwide by FIDE. Although it seems low, he has an International and National Master chess title. 

Hikaru is currently rated by FIDE as the second-best player in the world and is the best American player. Magnus is rated by FIDE as the number one chess player in the world. 

So if Tyler really were to “body” Hikaru or Magnus, or even Levy, it would make Tyler one of the best chess players in the world.