Tyler1 accidentally kills xQc during a hilarious CS:GO match

On Christmas Eve, Twitch streamers Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel grouped up to play some CS:GO together and it didn’t seem to go the way they had planned.

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Tyler and xQc have a very love-hate relationship, they’ll often talk smack on each other on stream, but seem to be pretty friendly in person.

It was a similar situation on Christmas Eve, the two were getting along pretty well, until Tyler1 accidentally killed xQc, who was on his team.

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During the CS:GO match, xQc heads straight for Tyler, but as his teammate appears, xQc gets promptly taken out, and proceeds straight into a trademark rage.

“You’re so fucking deficient, holy shit,” xQc told his teammate.

“Yeah, that’s my bad,” Tyler responded, surprisingly calm.

With this kind of team coordination it would be amazing if Tyler and xQc’s team actually managed to win a match during stream and not just yell at each other the whole time.

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Although xQc and Tyler might be talented at Overwatch and League of Legends, respectively, it doesn’t look like either of them will go pro in CS:GO anytime soon.

Still, the stream did provide some great holiday entertainment and content for fans of both xQc and Tyler.

xQc has also started playing Overwatch again, though far less than he did before getting suspended in November.

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