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One Twitch viewer just donated $200k to a Vtuber streamer and they didn’t even react

Published: 29/Jun/2021 8:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A Twitch viewer named TwoBreaths donated a whopping $200,000 to AeriytheNeko, a Vtuber who plays a ‘mute’ character that dances around on stream, and they didn’t even react.

The VRChat section on Twitch is home to people from all walks of life, including a Vtuber named AeriytheNeko, who describes their animated character as “a mute kitty on the hunt for head pats.” 

It gets even more interesting in their Q&A section, in which they claim they aren’t mute in real life, but choose not to speak because they’re “well-trained.”

Nevertheless, AeriytheNeko has proven to be a smash hit among their fans, including one very dedicated one named TwoBreaths, who has been gifting thousands of subs to the streamer over the past few weeks.


Twitch $200,000 Donation VRChat
Twitter: AeriytheNeko
AeriytheNeko doesn’t need to talk to pull in the views.

However, TwoBreaths’ dedication and support reached new heights when they donated an insane $200,000 while AeriytheNeko’s character was dancing live on stream. The first instance was a $100,000 donation, followed by four separate $25,000 donations.

Naturally, being a self-described ‘mute’ VR character, AeriytheNeko didn’t react with any of the emotion we’ve seen from other ecstatic streamers who received staggering amounts of money.

Instead, they giggled and kept on dancing, although they almost certainly would have been jumping up and down with joy behind the scenes.

Twitch fan on Vtuber spending spree

TwoBreaths’ series of insane donations to AeriytheNeko might be a new record on Twitch. But they’re not the only ones they’ve been doing.


TwoBreaths also donated $50,000 to MurderCrumpet, another popular Vtuber with more than 55,000 followers, in $10,000 installments. It might only be a quarter of the $200,000 donated to AeriytheNeko, but it’s still a lot of money!

Are these huge Twitch donations even real?

So, it’s fair to say that wherever TwoBreaths is getting the money from, there’s lots of it. However, there’s been some concern about the validity of the donations.

Somebody posted the clip on Reddit, and in the discussion that ensued, one user pointed out that PayPal has a $60,000 limit on a single transaction. So how did the initial $100,000 donation go through?

Still, you won’t hear the lucky recipients complaining, if it’s legit. As one user hilariously pointed out, perhaps Vtubing “is the future after all.”