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Twitch streamer’s horror game jumpscare was so bad it broke the stream

Published: 18/Mar/2021 16:43

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer’s playthrough of the horror game Devotion nearly ended in catastrophe after a jumpscare shocked him so badly that his stream broke.

Devotion is a psychological horror game developed by the Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games, filled with a lot of scary elements, which of course, includes jumpscares.

Nixhawk was playing through Devotion with his chat on March 17 and was having some difficulty moving on as he felt he was missing something in the room he was in.

While reading a comment by a viewer about how they hadn’t been to a concert in a long time, he wandered into a hallway only to be greeted by a mysterious woman on the other side.


Nixhawk is scared playing Devotion
Nixhawk was seconds away from disaster.

Before the streamer even had a chance to react, the frightening-looking woman ran towards him and in the blink of an eye, was completely in his face.

Shocked, Nixhawk jumped back in his seat with his arms raised in fright. In the process, he seemed to knock something loose as his screen quickly turned green with the game nowhere in sight.

When it finally came back up, the streamer had a stunned look on his face and the screen had turned pitch black.

“Um, I kicked my computer,” he laughed. “And it’s not happy. Holy crap, I don’t know if you can still hear me.”


Eventually, he had to dig into OBS in an attempt to solve the problem but was having a hard time doing so: “Oh, what did I do? What happened?” “I can’t even see chat now. Where’s my mouse? Where’s anything?”

Luckily, after doign some troubleshooting, he ended up getting everything to work a bit later on. According to Nixhawk, the monitors were fine, but the GPU “bugged” on him.

Still, he decided it was in his best interest to move his computer so it’s no longer kickable. It’s a good thing too, as he’s now trying his luck at completing The Evil Within 2, a title he expects to “get [him] quite a few times.”


At least now he won’t have to deal with any stream-breaking shenanigans.