Twitch streamer speechless after Hasan calls out her thirsty comment

hasan on twitch streamTwitch: HasanAbi

Twitch streamer Bratgorian was left red-faced by fellow content creator Hasan Piker after he read out Bratgorian’s simping comments about him.

We’ve all got a handful of streamers that we greatly admire, and in the case of Hasan, many of his fans don’t hesitate to show their appreciation through Twitch comments.

Though most comments are complimenting Hasan’s content, Twitch streamer Azure aka Bratgorian directed her praise at his appearance instead.

However, Bratgorian got the shock of her life when Hasan caught wind of her hilarious comment on stream.

Hasan embarrasses Twitch streamer Bratgorian after reading simp comment

While Hasan was observing the 2022 U.S midterm elections on his Twitch channel, streamer Bratgorian decided to show her appreciation for an equally important aspect: Hasan’s outfit.

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Despite the serious nature of the feed Hasan was viewing, Bratgorian decided to take a chance on leaving an impression on him.

“Hasan you look so hot in that color green, I would let you hold me at gunpoint,” said Bratgorian.

Visually perplexed by Bratgorian’s comment, Hasan said “okay, that person should not be allowed to vote.”

Erupting in a fit of embarrassed laughter, all Bratgorian could muster was “that was the comment! that was the comment!”

The unexpected moment happened during the Bratgorian’s “first 5-hour stream” too, which was intended to boost her audience as an upcoming content creator.

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Hasan himself has been vocal about the state of commenting on streaming platforms. Having streamed on Twitch for several years, Hasan has considered making the leap to YouTube – but only if they improve their “chat culture.”

With comments like Bratgorian’s, the wait for Hasan to switch to YouTube might be a lengthy one.