Corpse Husband roasts critics for bashing his “trash” songwriting skills

Corpse Husband roasts song lyrics hatersYouTube: Anthony Padilla / Instagram: milkgore

Popular YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband had a few hilarious words for critics hating on his songwriting skills… and he’s obviously not too bothered by the backlash.

Corpse Husband is one of the internet’s most popular content creators.

First gaining fame amid the Among Us craze in late 2020, Corpse Husband has since become a household name due to his uniquely deep voice and mysterious online persona, where he’s garnered over 10 million YouTube subscribers across his two channels.

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Corpse is also a bonafide music artist, most recently publishing his song ‘life waster’ a couple weeks back to major acclaim from listeners.

corpse-husbandYouTube: Anthony Padilla
Corpse Husband is a ‘faceless’ content creator. He doesn’t show his face at all online and instead relies on fan-drawn avatars to represent himself, like this one here.

Although he’s garnered over 3 million monthly listens on Spotify, not everyone is a fan of his music, with some apparently criticizing the star’s lyrics and songwriting talents.

Corpse brought up the topic during a live stream with VTuber Ironmouse, where he claimed he receives backlash over his writing — making particular reference to his viral song ‘Hot Demon B*tches Near You.’

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Corpse Husband hits back at people criticizing his song lyrics

However, Corpse isn’t taking the flak too seriously. Instead, he had some funny words for his haters, saying that if they’re looking for genuine bars, they shouldn’t expect them from a lighthearted song with a meme-worthy title.

“It’s funny — I’ll make a song titled ‘Hot Demon B*tches Near You,’ and people will click it and be like, ‘These lyrics are f**king trash!'” he began. “Why did you click a song called ‘Hot Demon B*tches Near You’ and expect lyricism? Dumba**.”

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“‘Wow, his writing is really improving,'” he mimicked one of the commenters. “Yeah, when I feel like writing, I write. When I feel like making something less… you know? …I love that song. It’s obviously not meant to be f**king lyrical, though.”

It’s clear that Corpse is thriving despite these comments. In fact, he unveiled a “niche and weird achievement” about ‘Hot Demon B*tches,’ revealing the tune has reached #1 in Jamaica on Deezer.

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This isn’t the first time Corpse has had a snarky comeback for his haters; last year, Corpse admitted he likes “f**king with the world” after he received backlash for “breathing” in a video clip.

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