CSGO Twitch streamer banned after absurdly shaving privates on stream

Streamer banned for shavingTwitch: csgoambi

In an early contender for the most bizarre Twitch clip of 2022, a streamer has been unsurprisingly banned after revealing themselves in order to shave… down below.

In Twitch’s more than a decade-long history, there have been many bans for weird and wonderful on-stream incidents, from filming in toilets to bans for being shot at – we’ve previously documented some of the platform’s most controversial suspensions.

However, there will be no controversy around this latest ban, which saw a small CS:GO streamer blocked from the site, presumably permanently, after a truly bizarre incident.

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Twitch has strict rules on nudity and suggestive content, although sometimes lines can become blurred based on a streamer’s choice of clothing or content shown on stream. In this case, though, there is no room for argument.

Streamer banned after bizarre shaving incident

On January 27, streamer ‘csgoambi’ — a small channel that had only been streaming since around April 2021 — inexplicably took an electric razor to his lower portion, showing everything on camera.

With the channel now banned and the clips removed, it’s impossible to know the context of this moment, but either csgoambi was unaware their camera was on, knew but didn’t know it would break the rules, or was perfectly aware he would be banned but carried on anyway.

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CSGO streamer shaving on streamTwitch: csgoambi
It didn’t take long for the channel to be taken down after this…

Unsurprisingly, the clip quickly made the rounds on Reddit and social media, although we’ll spare you the misfortune of having to view it yourself.

It didn’t take long after the clip had gathered some attention that Twitch moderators took swift action against the account.

Given the seriousness of the violation, it’s unlikely csgoambi’s suspension will be a temporary one. Any “content containing a person in a state of nudity” violates Twitch’s community guidelines.

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