Logan Paul reveals Antonio Brown wanted to fight him for $25m

Logan Paul next to Antonio BrownYouTube: Impaulsive

YouTuber Logan Paul has revealed that football star Antonio Brown wanted to fight him for a whopping $25 million following their brief feud back in 2020.

In 2020, a few months following his rematch with YouTuber KSI, Logan Paul set his sights on taking on football star Antonio Brown in his next bout.

The pair exchanged blows online, and Paul even ended up releasing a diss track for Brown, titled ‘Going Broke’ which has since garnered over 23 million views on YouTube. They even met face to face at one point.

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However, talks eventually stalled, and the pair never actually ended up stepping into the ring together for a fight.

Jake and Logan Paul squaring up in boxing glovesInstagram: Logan Paul.
Jake & Logan Paul have both reached impressive heights for fighters with such young careers.

On January 25, Brown appeared on an episode of Paul’s popular podcast ImPaulsive to talk about his career, and naturally the topic of their past beef cropped up, revealing the astonishing amount Paul could have fought for.

“Even when we had our little whatever back in the day, the little beef, and I met you face to face on that stage, I didn’t know what to expect,” Logan said.

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He explained that Antonio brought up the huge $25 million figure, to which co-host Mike Majlak said: “The funny thing about it is we laughed when he said $25 million, now $25 million ain’t even that big of a deal for this sh*t. How f**king crazy.”

Paul described Brown as being “ahead of his time” in offering such a huge amount.

During his appearance on the show, Logan also asked Antonio to tell former opponent Floyd Mayweather to pay him, months after they fought in June 2021. “Could you tell him to pay me, bro?” he asked Brown. “Just like, the rest of the money.”

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It’s not clear whether Logan plans to step back into the ring again, but there’s no doubt that if he did, it would be a highly-anticipated event.