Twitch streamer passes out after being assaulted during Amsterdam IRL stream

twitch-streamer-choked-out-assault-irl-streamTwitch: Reydempto

IRL Twitch streamer Reydempto passed out after being choked by a stranger in Amsterdam, leaving viewers concerned for his safety as they watched the camera fade to black.

Reydempto is an IRL Twitch streamer from Chicago who has been living in Amsterdam for a while now. In that time, he’s explored all the sights and sounds of the city while sharing his experiences with fans.

However, he had quite a scare in the early hours of the morning on February 13. He was walking around the streets minding his own business when a stranger approached him out of nowhere and choked him out.

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twitch-streamer-choked-out-assault-irl-streamTwitch: Reydempto
Reydempto’s streams provide an insight into the sights and sounds of Amsterdam.

At 12:22 AM, Reydempto ironically pointed out what he believed to be a police station and assured fans he felt safe. Then, less than a minute later,  an assailant approached him out of nowhere and put his arm around his neck.

“I’m live on Twitch,” the attacker yelled. Things took a turn for the worse when he didn’t let Reydempto go and ramped up the aggression: “I’m going to kill this motherf**ker!”

“Oh god, let go of me, man! Let go of me!” said Reydempto while grimacing in discomfort. However the assailant tightened his grip.

“Seriously, let the f**k go of me,” muttered Reydempto moments before passing out.

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The camera turned off as it happened but the stream remained online, causing viewers to panic as they flooded the chat with messages expressing their concerns. Some urged others to call the police, too.

Fortunately, Reydempto turned out to be okay. “Just letting you know I’m okay,” he said to fans on Discord. “Pretty sure I hit my head but not very hard. I felt much better once the oxygen returned to my brain.”

He got home safely and revealed what he planned to do next. “I am home safe now. Going to go straight to the police station tomorrow morning. I’m 100% certain this is not going to go anywhere, but I’m going to file a report anyway.”

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