Pokimane accidentally trolls viewer with hilarious soundboard slip-up

Jacob Hale
Pokimane shocked in Twitch stream
Twitch: Pokimane

While scrolling through her chat and responding to her viewers, Pokimane accidentally trolled one of her fans with a soundboard mishap, leaving the rest of her chat in absolute stitches.

Twitch chat is arguably one of the most divisive places on the internet. Depending on the community a streamer has, it can become undeniably toxic or, on the other side of the spectrum, a joyful place for the streamer and their followers to interact.

While countless viewers have been banned from Pokimane’s chat — resulting in some very strange unban requests — it’s not always a bad place.

In fact, during this stream, she wanted to help out and use the chat for good but ended up accidentally bullying one of her viewers seeking advice.

Pokimane next chapter
Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.

In her February 11 Twitch stream, Pokimane was discussing how people being kind has changed over time, responding directly to viewer’s thoughts and comments on the issue.

When scrolling, though, one comment caught her eye, starting with a big caps-locked “POKI I NEED HELP!” It continued to explain that they were going on a date with a girl and she was going to “sleep over” after going to the movies, so they asked whether they should buy their date flowers.

Instead of the advice or words of encouragement the chatter might have expected, though, Poki hit her soundboard, with the classic ‘Why the f**k you lying’ meme starting to blare out.

Poki immediately paused the sound, clearly apologetic, saying “Oh my god, I did not mean to press that … No, I didn’t, look, I meant to press the applause!”

Pokimane then showed the order of her soundboard, proving that the applause button is right next to it, but the chat had already gone flying, laughing at the mishap alongside the streamer herself.

It goes without saying that Poki will double-check her soundboard next time she uses it to respond to such a message.