Twitch streamer Malena explains why hot tub streams need to be stopped

Malena TwitchInstagram: @Malenatudi

Popular Twitch streamer Malena ‘Malena’ Tudi has voiced her opinion on the negative impact of hot tub streams and explained why they need to be stopped.

Just like any other platform, Twitch goes through trends and phases where a particular type of content becomes very popular for a period of time. Well, the ongoing ‘Hot Tub meta’ that’s taken over Twitch in the last few months has become a controversial topic among the community.

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Big streamers and personalities including Pokimane and Ethan Klein have voiced their opinion on whether these hot tub streams should be allowed on Twitch.

Now, popular streamer Malena has spoken out, explaining the consequences this content could have on the platform and why it needs to be stopped.

Hot Tub stream Twitch

Twitch streamer Malena slams ongoing hot tub meta

It’s no secret that hot tub streams on Twitch are incredibly popular at the moment and various new personalities are gaining notoriety from them. However, Malena questioned if anyone has considered the consequences moving forward.

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The popular streamer took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the matter. Talking to Twitch directly and clearly frustrated, Malena asked why the company isn’t doing anything about the hot tub streams.


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She even made a second tweet elaborating on exactly why these streams could be damaging to Twitch as a whole. Malena points out that the platform is 13+ and there’s a risk that a person that age could attempt to recreate this type of content.

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If that were to happen, she states that there could be severe consequences for other creators.

“Website is 13+, what happens when a 13-year-old does this? Advertisers will pull out, adpocalypse 2.0, website will get a whole different type of reputation.”

Although Twitch has revealed that they’re “closely” monitoring the hot tub meta, no action has been taken against that type of content as a whole.

Despite this, it’s obvious a lot of big creators are concerned about these streams and want Twitch to take a stand as soon as possible.

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