Twitch streamer goes viral after using dog on Joshua vs Ruiz stream - Dexerto

Twitch streamer goes viral after using dog on Joshua vs Ruiz stream

Published: 8/Dec/2019 17:48

by Connor Bennett


A streamer decided to make his dog the center of attention while he restreamed the Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr rematch live on Twitch.

In recent years, piracy has become a major problem with sporting and pay-per-view events. It doesn’t take long to find an illegal stream of an event, game, or fight – be it on a website like Twitch or something that is designed especially for a one-off.

Even hugely popular content creators like Logan Paul and KSI aren’t safe, as their first fight was restreamed illegally on YouTube and Twitch, as some streamers found even found very clever ways to rebroadcast the rematch. However, in the case of the Joshua and Ruiz rematch, there were no special tactics to avoid suspicion, but instead, a special entrant into the boxing ring.


YT: KSIvsLoganThousands of fans watched the KSI vs Logan Paul fights on illegal streams.

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As Joshua looked to reclaim the Heavyweight belts that he had lost to Ruiz back in June, streams popped up on Twitch and made it easy to watch the bout live from Saudi Arabia.

In the case of the ‘masterluiso’ channel, the streamer left his television in full view of a camera and allowed viewers to watch a slightly askew angle. Every now and again, he poked his face on stream and had something to say but at one point, he made his dog the focal point.

With the bout drawing to a close, the streamer picked up his small pup, held it aloft and placed it on-camera. He followed the boxing action around the screen before taking the dog’s paws and started throwing combinations of punches for a few seconds. 


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The dog didn’t seem to mind it’s new heavyweight boxing status, but eventually, the streamer placed it back down and allowed viewers to carry on watching the remainder of the fight.

Of course, Joshua went on to reclaim his heavyweight crown, but it was probably the pup that won the hearts of the viewers of the illegal re-broadcast with close to 60,000 people re-watching the highlight clip.