Twitch streamer forced to listen to his own embarrassing story through in-game speaker system - Dexerto

Twitch streamer forced to listen to his own embarrassing story through in-game speaker system

Published: 17/Dec/2018 20:16 Updated: 17/Dec/2018 20:40

by Alan Bernal


The last few weeks saw the return of longtime content creator and DayZ player NormalDifficulty to the Twitch platform and one of his fans gave the streamer a creative way of welcoming him back to the community.

NormalDifficutly recently returned to streaming after a brief hiatus due to personal reasons, but the content and entertainment that his fans eagerly look forward to didn’t skip a beat as the strange moment produced equal amounts of laughs and views from Twitch.

In a moment of repose, NormalDifficulty and his squad were staying vigilant while maneuvering through the buildings of the Northwest Airfield when a familiar voice shared a story on the PA system in the game.


NormalDifficulty peeked into the ATC Tower with his binoculars, which revealed a duo using the broadcasting equipment to transmit a recording of NormalDifficulty giving his account of his first kiss when he was 14 years old.

The moment occurred when the impromptu disk-jockeys started to play cheerful Japanese music, before transitioning into NormalDifficulty’s hilarious personal story.

The streamer’s countenance detailed a road of emotions as the reality of the situation sunk in and the story progressed to its juicier, cringier parts.

From laughter to brief moments of quiet acceptance, NormalDifficulty took the retelling in stride and good humor, since the DJ’s also included a plug for the streamer that was transmitted throughout the airfield.


The moment was true to form for NormalDifficulty’s brand of spontaneous good whimsy and was a great way to welcome the player back to streaming.