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Twitch streamer experiences 7.0 magnitude earthquake mid-broadcast

Published: 30/Oct/2020 16:04

by Alice Hearing


In a truly terrifying clip, a streamer has captured a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Turkey while live streaming on Twitch.

On Friday, October 30, a huge earthquake hit Greece and Turkey, striking just off Turkey’s Aegean coast, north of the Greek island of Samos.


In the alarming video, streamer Arda can Özel, known on Twitch as “Falcon2k”, can be seen gaming at his computer when all of a sudden the room starts to tremor.

Arda quickly shouts as soon as he feels the room start to shake and runs out the room, leaving the camera rolling. He can be heard shouting “woah” from outside the room, along with sounds of screaming and a dog barking.


Twitch streamer Falcon2K
Instagram: Arda Can Özel
Arda’s dog can be heard barking in the background of the alarming clip

Very quickly the entire room starts shaking violently as the earthquake hits full force, with pictures falling off the wall and various items falling and breaking in the background.


The tremors begin to subside, but the camera still shakes as Arda can be seen walking back into shot before the stream suddenly cuts off. The streamer appears to be okay, having posted a selfie of him and his dog to Instagram shortly after the tremor struck.

Other people on social media also captured the earthquake and the aftermath. One streamer can be seen clutching his monitor, while others have tweeted videos of buildings collapsing around them and the streets filling with water.


Four people have reportedly died in Turkey, with more than 100 injured and several collapsed buildings. There are also reports of flooding in Istanbul and tsunami warnings are in place elsewhere in the region.