Twitch streamer Evelone banned from trading $150k CSGO inventory

Luke Edwards
Evelone - YouTube

Twitch streamer Evelone, who has over 1.2 million Twitch followers and is one of the biggest CS:GO streamers in the CIS region, picked up a Steam community ban after being found to have apparently stolen another user’s account. He can no longer access his inventory, which is worth an estimated $155k.

What could you buy with $155k? You could pick up 310 PS5s, 11,071 lbs. of m&ms, or 65% of a Lamborghini Huracan. No matter what you want to spend it on, it’s a rather large sum of money. So, to be completely banned from accessing it is far from ideal.

Steam community bans don’t ban the player from playing the game. Rather, they stop the player from having access to forums, friends, and – most crucially – the trading market, which is a major part of CSGO’s culture and economy. It’s particularly damaging when you have an inventory worth such a large amount of cash.

Evelone’s ban is similar to that of CS:GO trader ChiLi, who got kicked from the community for ‘hijacking of another user’s Steam account.” However, it emerged that the ban was instigated by mistake, and he was unbanned 19 days later.

Evelone hit with community ban from Steam

Per u/iwna, Evelone picked up the community ban for ‘stealing’ another Steam user’s account.

He posted on messaging service Telegram: “-12m rubles [equivalent to around $155,000], here we go, good morning.”

Evelone's messages on Telegram
Evelone’s messages on Telegram.

A message from the Steam admins said: “This account has been reported to have stolen another Steam account. The account has been suspended in accordance with the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement. Account blocking won’t be canceled.”

It’s possible, and is being speculated, that the ban could have been placed in error, perhaps due to a spate of mass-reporting by trolls.

Given Evelone is the most viewed Russian-language Twitch streamer from the past month, and his apparent friendship with Na’Vi pro player S1mple, it’s unlikely this ban will pass by quietly.