Twitch streamer destroys webcam trying to recreate infamous xQc desk slam


One Twitch streamer has discovered the hard way that it’s not as easy to successfully imitate a legendary desk slam like the one and only Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

xQc’s desk slams have become the stuff of Twitch legend at this point in his career. Never before had fans seen such a pure, unadulterated outpouring of pure rage and tilt broadcast in real time.

The rage has become a staple of his broadcasts that a simple search for “xQc slam” or “xQc smash” yields tons of results all over the internet. But one of the most infamous incidents had to be when, so overcome with rage, Felix slammed his desk with his feet, like some kind of crazed animal, instead.

Now, there could be some debate about this, but the above clip could have very well helped propel xQc to the superstardom he’s enjoying today, so it’s no surprise the move has attracted plenty of imitators over the years.

Towards the end of his stream on June 25, a Twitch streamer called AccountBanned was talking about that infamous xQc clip with some friends, and thought it didn’t look too hard, so why not try it himself?

The first couple of runs go as expected, but — even though AccountBanned is obviously taking it easier than Felix would have — his webcam already seemed to be dangerously shaking.

After being urged to smash his feet harder to get more camera shake, AccountBanned swung for the fences, and apparently knocked out his webcam in the process.

“Oh what did I do?” the streamer asked before breaking into laughter, as if it wasn’t painfully obvious that he somehow broke his webcam trying to imitate the one and only xQc.

AccountBanned even took his stream offline shortly after his cam went down, but luckily the damage didn’t seem to be permanent, since he was right back streaming with a face cam the next day on June 26.

So, while hilarious, let this clip be a lesson to every up-and-coming streamer out there who want’s to pull of their best xQc impersonation: if you’re going to slam your desk in a fit of pure gamer rage, make sure everything is nice and secure.