Twitch streamer CouRage continues to plug his Fortnite Creator code in hilarious ways - Dexerto

Twitch streamer CouRage continues to plug his Fortnite Creator code in hilarious ways

Published: 14/Dec/2018 1:45 Updated: 14/Dec/2018 2:08

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games created a way to share the earnings made from purchases in Fortnite and the Epic Store, but some creators have been taking every chance they get to give a plug on their own behalf.

The Support-A-Creator program launched in October 2018 that gave creators a small piece of the profit-pie if a purchase was made with the Creator’s Epic tag via the “Support a Creator” button, and one popular streamer made a habit of marketing his at every turn.

Fortnite streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is the best around when it comes to spontaneous but effective micro-marketing and somehow manages to find plugs funnier than the last.


This time it happened when 100 Thieves Founder and CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag took to Twitter to vent a bit of frustration on Fortnite and its fans.

“It’s almost a guarantee that when I refresh my Twitter feed, I’ll either see someone complaining about the changes made to Fortnite or someone tweeting their in-game ‘creator code’ for others to use. It’s honestly quite remarkable. I need [Las Vegas] odds on every [Twitter feed] refresh from now on,” Nadeshot said.

CouRage took this time to agree with his long-time friend, but with an added fine print, saying that his Tweet “was sponsored by code CouRageJD in the Fortnite item shop.”


That wasn’t it, though, as CouRage took one more opportunity to plug his content, this time adding in a link to his Twitch channel for good measure. 

In a moment’s quip, CouRage was able to both drop his advert and have a lighthearted exchange with his long-time friend.

In announcing the Support-A-Creator Program, Epic Games asked their Creators to stay authentic when marketing their code, something that CouRage has amusingly obliged thus far.