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Twitch streamer CohhCarnage speechless after $32k donation

Published: 16/Jun/2020 11:44 Updated: 18/Jun/2020 15:01

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer CohhCarnage was left speechless after receiving a $32,000 donation during his charity stream shift on June 15.

As the majority of Twitch streamers have a link where viewers can donate, you can usually see everything from the smallest donations of $1 or $2, all the way up to incredible, life-changing amounts. 

Yet, when it comes to charity streams, some viewers can really go above and beyond – breaking lofty donation goals all by themselves with ridiculous amounts of money. Though, for CohhCarnage, he was completely stopped in his tracks while helping out on GCX’s St Judes charity stream. 

Cohh Carnage - YouTubeCohhCarnage is one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers.

During his shift on the June 15 broadcast, the Twitch veteran had been catching up on a round of donations when he realized that a user called Zretch had donated a whopping $32,000 all by themselves. 

Instead of going wild and running around the room or bursting into tears, Cohh sat and looked at the camera, completely dumbfounded at the amount that had just been donated. He sat in silence for around a minute before finally saying something again.

When he finally got back to speaking words, the popular variety streamer offered up a censored “what the f**k” before making sure that the donator really meant to donate that amount.

“Zretch, 32,000 dollars. What?! I really hope you didn’t mean $32 and mistyped,” he said. “I’m half looking at chat scared having some guy like ‘no, no, no, my cat hit the keyboard!’” 

As the donation got cleared as being real and not a mistake, Cohh was finally able to get things back on track – offering up even more thanks to the donator for their incredible generosity. 

“This is insane. Unbelievable, thank you again, thank you. Wow,” he added, still slightly dumbfounded. “I’ve been doing this for seven years man, there’s not a lot that can just stop me in my tracks like that just did. That was… wow.”

As the streamer managed to get things back to normal, he carried on with his shift, raising a bit more cash for the cause.

As of writing, the GCX 2020 event has raised close to $3,500,000 with their total goal standing at $3,8000,000 for St Judes Children’s Research Hospital.


Dave Chappelle finally tells Joe Rogan when he’ll do a full podcast

Published: 26/Nov/2020 20:34

by Theo Salaun


The Joe Rogan Experience podcast enjoyed a relatively brief appearance by Dave Chappelle on an episode with Donnell Rawlings. And, to the joy of Rogan and Chappelle’s fans, the two set a tentative date for a full show together.

Rogan’s audience is gigantic and, as such, the names on his guest list frequently are as well. But, despite murmings of interest, Chappelle has long eluded one of the podcaster’s extensive interviews. That may soon change, as the iconic comedian confirmed that this new JRE setup in Austin suits his fancies and merits a full appearance.

A little over two hours into Rogan’s episode, No. 1,567, with Rawlings, headsets plopped off, seats got shifted, and both host and guest stood up to make way for a surprise appearance by Chappelle. Rawlings was glad to reunite with his friend from the Chappelle Show and Rogan seemed excited to finally get the comedian on the mic.

All it took was a new bunker studio in Austin, a lit joint, and a cup of coffee before the three were back to talking topics and, without much prying, Chappelle offered to come back on the show for a full episode. The tentative date for that episode? Soon after the presidential inauguration.

For mobile users, the segment begins at 2:30:20.

While spending about an hour chatting would sound like a full podcast to most people, that’s far from what Rogan’s fans have come to expect from his show. So, while Chappelle’s stint on the episode was substantial, he was acutely aware that a more thorough appearance was deserved.

After dapping up Rogan and Rawlings, Chappelle took his seat, got situated with some grass and caffeine, and eventually began discussing how much he enjoys Austin, Texas, along with the new studio.

Joe Rogan interviewing Conor mcgregor
UFC, YouTube
From the ring to the studio, Rogan’s repertoire of interesting interviewees is boundless.

“I like this setup a lot, man. It feels homey. You actually just tricked me into doing a podcast. I’m going to come and do it for real, for real. As a matter of fact, I should come after the inauguration.” 

Rogan, who has mentioned wanting Chappelle on the show numerous times, including in December 2019, was fully on board with the scheduling opportunity: “Let’s do it. That sounds great.”