Kid freaks out after accidentally donating $1,300 to Twitch streamer


Twitch streamer Posty was in for a birthday donation unlike any other when he was gifted $1,300 from a viewer who then soon demanded it be refunded – which ended up costing the broadcaster money.

On June 12, the Danish streamer was celebrating his birthday with a Twitch broadcast when suddenly, a viewer by the name of Prezma dropped a huge $1,300 donation.

“Yo Prezma, what?!” the streamer gasped with glee. “What the f**k! Prezma with f**king $1,300. Oh my God, dude. That’s like my biggest one-time donation.”

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Sadly, mere moments later, the donor started claiming he didn’t mean to send such an abnormal amount.

“Please send that back, I didn’t mean to send that much,” the viewer begged.

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At first, Posty thought the viewer was trolling him, but eventually, it became clear that he really didn’t intend to donate the massive sum.

“Posty, my parents are going to kill me!” the young viewer exclaimed, using another donation to make his voice heard. “I only meant to send $3.”

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How the kid confused $3.00 with $1,300 confused everyone in the chat, including the birthday streamer, who eventually decided to do the right thing and gave the donation back, but by doing so ended up paying $75 in refund fees.

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“I’m gonna go to Stream Elements and ban the guy from donating so I don’t have any future inconveniences,” Posty explained. “I refunded it all.”

Luckily, another one of his viewers came in clutch and gifted the streamer $75 to pay for the refund fees.

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Prezma should consider himself lucky that Posty had enough of a heart to refund the donation at a loss, but it should also serve as a warning to kids who may be giving money to streamers with their parents’ credit cards – don’t.

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