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Twitch streamer catches tattoo artist’s big mistake too late

Published: 22/Jan/2020 0:31 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 2:05

by Alan Bernal


One of the biggest fears for anyone getting a tattoo is the very real possibility of a mistake at the hands of the artist, something that this Twitch streamer, unfortunately, got to experience.

Streamer ‘Elkbjern’ typically rotates between game titles like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, DOTA Underlords and more, but one of his latest streams featured him going under the needle to get a slew of messages from his audience permanently marked on his body.

He opened the floor for fans to donate €10 for a chance to get their message inked on him, with the conditions including “no offensive words/sentences [and] not longer than 20 letters.”


Elkbjern Twitch
The streamer was prepared for multiple audience-suggested tattoos, but one of them had a hitch.

Both artist and streamer underwent the session that lasted over an hour , although there were some hitches along the way.

It seems like a viewer stretched one of the conditions by getting a questionable word approved and tattooed on Elkbjern’s body – but there seemed to have been a spelling error on the final product.

“Is it missing an ‘a’ from the cake, or am I seeing wrong?” user ‘forehead00’ said in Twitch Chat after the tattoo artist finished placing the word and removed his hand from obstructing the stream’s view.

Moments later, Elkbjern too noticed the error and pointed it out to the artist, leading to a rather awkward realization.


“I see the same,” Elkbjern replied to his Chat before pointing out to the artist that his fresh ink was “missing an ‘a.’ Fruit–”

“A!” the artist can be heard saying in astonishment.

At first, the tattoo artist wasn’t sure what the streamer was talking about until the word was read back to him.

Elkbjern tattoo gone wrong captured on Twitch stream
Elkbjern Twitch
Some quick thinking (kind of) saved the misspelled tattoo.

After they shared a laugh, Elkbjern asked if it was possible to “squeeze in” the missing letter, but they eventually decided to take the path of least resistance with the correction.

Instead, they ended up using the “insert” edit symbol with an ‘a’ right under it along with a star – a cheeky way of pointing out and correcting the mistake.


The stream ended shortly after that, with Elkbjern fitted with his new ink and his audience taking with them a memorable moment that’ll last a lifetime.