Tfue racks up insane Twitch gifted sub train during Minecraft speedrun

Tfue Minecraft speedrunTwitch: Tfue/Mojang

While streaming Minecraft on Twitch, Turner “Tfue” Tenney recieved over 1,000 gifted subs in a row with over 700 of them coming from a single generous viewer.

Every Twitch viewer has a favorite content creator that they tune into regularly and support. However, some fans take it to another level and gift a massive amount of money to their favorite streamers.

This can be great content for the live viewers as no one is expecting it to happen. Although most of the time this support comes in the form of a big donation, some viewers prefer to hand out gifted subs.

Well, while Tfue was streaming Minecraft speedrunning, he gained over 1,000 subscribers in a row. It’s fair to say he was pretty shocked by the support as most of it came from a single viewer.

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Tfue TwitchInstagram: Tfue
Tfue has over 10 million followers on Twitch.

Tfue receives over 1,000 subs in a row streaming Minecraft

Twitch personality Tfue received a massive sub-train donation from his viewers while streaming Minecraft speedrunning. The nonstop gifted subs clearly took him by surprise and he was visibly shocked about how large the sub train was getting.

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“Are you serious? Dude, I’m not thanking them bro I’m banning them, dude, bro how many subs is this? Bro, this is like 1000 gifted sub train right now.”

At the end of his stream, Tfue realized that one of his viewers gifted over 736 subs. To put it into perspective, that’s $3672.64 total, so it’s fair to say Tfue cashed in from that Minecraft session.

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It was obvious he was astounded that a single viewer had gifted that many subs and even asked why before finishing the stream.

“Thank you guys for all the subs, TryMe you a f***ing Psychopath, thank you for the 736 subs, what, what, why?”


Although Tfue is a massive name in the Twitch community, it’s still unbelievable to see this many subs in a single stream.

There’s no doubt that the overwhelming support made impression on him as he even took to Twitter after finishing the stream to show how unexpected it all was.

If the sub train is anything to go by, it’s safe to say Tfue’s audience loved the Minecraft speed-running content so there’s no doubt he’ll be streaming a lot more of it over the coming weeks.

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We’ll have to keep an eye on his next stream to see if the unbelievable sub marathon continues any further.