Invadervie under fire for shaming “cheapskate” viewers for not subbing

Invadervie, Twitch

Twitch streamer “Invadervie” is coming under fire after shaming unsubscribed viewers for not supporting her channel monetarily — in spite of current global events that have caused many to lose their jobs, entirely.

Like many live streaming platforms, Twitch allows viewers a myriad of ways to support their favorite content creators, by directly donating, subscribing, and even gifting subscriptions to other users.

However, subscriptions come at a cost, and generally include various tiers, with viewers getting more benefits depending on how much they pay.

Invadervie, Instagram
Twitch streamer “Invadervie” hit out at unsubscribed viewers – leading to mass backlash against the broadcaster from her chat.

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Streamer “Invadervie” spoke out on the issue during a broadcast on April 14, where she appeared to shame unsubscribed viewers for not supporting the content they enjoy with a five dollar payment.

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“I’m not asking your for a large financial contribution,” she argued. “…it doesn’t matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working.”

When a viewer explained that they would support Invadervie were they not unemployed, with all their income going towards necessities, the streamer held her ground, arguing that her cost for subscribing was extremely low.

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“No one’s gonna convince me that what I’m saying is so rude or so unacceptable or so outrageous,” she continued. “It just simply isn’t. It’s five dollars. It doesn’t cost you that much to sub.”

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Invadervie, Twitch
A viewer explained that they would subscribe if they weren’t unemployed – drawing no sympathy from Invadervie over the issue.

Unsurprisingly, viewers began hitting back at her insensitive comments — leading the streamer to give a scathing reply that accused them of being perverted “cheapskates” using her content to get off.

Invadervie, Twitch
Viewers were quick to clap back at Invadervie’s statement.

“These people in chat who are making these comments do not appear as immature, childish, cheapskates whatsoever,” she said sarcastically. “They’re just sitting here m**turbating as hard a they can, as quietly as they can, ‘cause their parents are in the next room talking about how disappointed they are in them, going like, ‘Why would I ever pay for this when this sl*t gives it away for free?’”

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Invadervie isn’t the first streamer to make such comments, either; broadcaster “BadBunny” notoriously came under fire in January, after shaming her viewers for not subscribing in a debacle that quickly went viral across the net.

Despite her audience’s clear distaste for her stance on the subject, it doesn’t look like Invadervie is backing down anytime soon — even in the face of severe global circumstances.