Twitch streamer banned after Mizkif accidentally makes stream viral

Mizkif gets streamer bannedTwitch/Mizkif

Twitch star Mizkif accidentally made a small stream viral, with the channel eventually banned from the platform, after his awkward discovery of it led to thousands of viewers descending on the rule-breaking broadcast.

The Just Chatting section on Twitch has gone through quite a few renovations over the years as streamers get more innovative with the type of content they produce.

While the title may suggest that streamers just talk with their viewers about a variety of topics rather than play games, others have used the category for hot tub streams and other risque broadcasts that brought about the implementation of new categories.

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Still, this hasn’t stopped certain streamers from getting a little bit too mature for Twitch’s liking, and that’s exactly what Mizkif saw when he browsed the category during his own broadcast.

Mizkif gets streamer bannedTwitch/Mizkif
Mizkif got a streamer banned by complete accident.

Mizkif gets streamer banned by accident

As Mizkif browsed Just Chatting during a December 15 stream, he stumbled across a streamer named ‘raabullies’ with her thumbnail showing off more than is typically permitted on the platform.

At the time he saw it, raabullies’ ‘Join Me’ stream had just 21 viewers, but that number soon shot up after Mizkif’s audience jumped to check it out.

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Not long after, the channel ended up getting banned with some even claiming that the woman exposed herself after rising to 6,000 viewers.

banned on twitchTwitch
The streamer was banned after Mizkif’s viewers flocked to her channel.

However, according to the stat-tracking website StreamCharts, she ended up peaking at 2,334 viewers before being banned, though the information might not include the full broadcast.

Clearly, once the broadcast started to get more attention than they probably bargained for, Twitch’s moderation team quickly caught on and shut it down.

In any case, just like with how big streamers can make careers by raiding smaller streamers, it turns out they can end certain ones before they even begin too.

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