Twitch streamer admits to stealing donations intended for charity

Matt Porter
Twitch: ANIS13K

French Twitch streamer ANIS13K has admitted to taking money donated by his viewers for charitable causes, with one audience member confirming that they have contacted law enforcement and plan to take legal action against the content creator.

On Monday, December 30, a Twitter account named “Reveal Truth” uploaded video clips, claiming they were in a call with the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis, the charity that ANIS13K had been raising money for in a number of streams across the space of five years, with the charity stating that they had not received the donations that the streamer had allegedly been giving to them.

“You have been defrauding your community by claiming ‘charitable streams’,” the mysterious account wrote. “All the gifts you receive from your community, which it thinks serves a noble cause, is ultimately nothing apart from a charade and abuse of trust.”

Addressing the accusations on his own Twitch stream on January 2, ANIS13K admitted that he had failed to hand over charitable donations made by his audience to the AFSEP, explaining why he did it during the 26 minute broadcast, before issuing an apology.

“I didn’t make the right choice,” he stated. “I didn’t make the right choice and from there I entered a vicious spiral where I always owed money here and there, taking out some loan to pay some other loan. The following year I did the same, I saw other streamers moving forward on Twitch, they had crazy equipment. I wasn’t jealous, but I was envious. I wanted that too. Each time I was very well aware that what I was doing was wrong, but I did it anyway.”

“I also wanted to apologize to all the French-speaking Twitch scene for this bad mistake, and for playing with your trust. For calling into question the honesty of French streamers. I don’t know what else to say.”

As for his future, the streamer stated that he was in direct contact with the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis in hopes of finding a way to repay them the money which was intended for them, and that it’s unlikely he will broadcast again on the platform. The Frenchman did appear create a brand-new account on Mixer on January 2 though, so it’s possible that he may just switch to the Microsoft-owned platform rather than quit streaming entirely, although it is not confirmed that he created it himself.

“I think you all expected me to do this stream today, or at least that I apologize. It’s done. I also think this was the last time you’ve seen me on Twitch. Despite everything, I need to thank you for all these years.”

A member of the public who donated to one of ANIS13K’s charity stream has claimed on Discord that they are pressing charges against him, stating that they had also been in contact with the AFSEP and were intending to join them in legal action against him.

They wrote: “Even if Anis called me and told me he was committed to repaying them, charges must be pressed so I did it. Even if I only gave [subscriptions], it’s still misappropriation. The director of the association called me back today so we can have a civil party action.”

The streamer has since deleted his Twitter account, and has refrained from commenting on the matter any further since the conclusion of his January 2 stream.

We’ll be sure to keep this post updated as any new information becomes available.

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