Twitch reverses ban on streamer who made freestyle rap dissing “misogynistic” viewer

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer nandre

Twitch has apologized to a streamer after the Amazon-owned platform suspended him for seven days for making a rap dissing a viewer who was being “misogynistic.”

As the streaming wars between Twitch, Kick, YouTube and other sites heat up, there’s a lot of scrutiny towards Twitch and how it handles itself, given its many controversies recently.

The latest incident occurred on June 12 when Twitch streamer ‘nandre’ was hit with a week-long ban for making a freestyle rap against a viewer in his chat, which the site considered to be harassment.

However, the backlash was great enough for the platform to revert its decision – a rare instance, considering many streamers are often left having to endure their bans.

Twitch streamer banned for rap against “misogynistic” viewer

In a post on Twitter, nandre screenshotted an email from Twitch stating he had been banned for a week for harassing others and was quick to call out the company.

“I got banned for a week for doing a freestyle rap about a chatter who came into my stream spewing misogynistic rhetoric,” he blasted. “This is so incredibly damaging to me right now. Momentum in streaming is so real and I can’t afford a week off while my stream is peaking.”

After submitting an appeal and comparing his situation to a streamer who was banned for a week for having sex during a live broadcast, nandre got the response he was hoping for from Twitch.

In a follow-up email, Twitch admitted they made a “mistake” and reversed the decision, writing: “Please accept our apologizes for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.”

Sadly, for those wanting to see the rap, it doesn’t look like that’s possible. Speaking with Dexerto, nandre claims the VOD has been deleted and there’s no clip of it left. At least he’s no longer banned, though!