Twitch musician makes incredible song for TimTheTatman after massive host - Dexerto

Twitch musician makes incredible song for TimTheTatman after massive host

Published: 6/Aug/2021 13:11

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch musician was absolutely flabbergasted when TimTheTatman hosted him with almost 100,000 viewers, and was so overjoyed that decided to incorporate the top streamer and one of his mods into a song.

A big Twitch raid can be a game-changer for smaller streamers. It puts a huge spotlight on them and allows them to shine, often resulting in a bigger fanbase, more followers, and ultimately, more opportunities as a broadcaster.

It’s not often, though, that you get raided by one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, gifted an audience far bigger than many on the platform could ever imagine.


This musician took his opportunity, though, and absolutely smashed it, leaving Tim’s viewers seriously impressed.

ortopilot twitch music streamer
Twitch: ortoPilot
ortoPilot was absolutely stunned when the host notification popped up.

While doing his regular music stream, looping beats on Ableton and making songs out of them, ortoPilot realized that Tim had hosted him for just over 83,000 viewers, an impressive amount, even for Tim.

Despite initially being left speechless, he finally thanked Tim and his head mod Wipz, who found the stream, before incorporating them into a song.

The No Diggity remix swiftly turned into what viewers dubbed “No Timothy,”, with Tim and Wipz’s names chucked into the song to add some extra layers and show love to the popular creator.


Tim’s viewers were clearly happy with the host selection, and ortoPilot more than proved his insane talent after being raided.

While the talented musician might not go on to get over 80k viewers each stream, he’s definitely going to have plenty of Tim’s viewers keeping tabs on him, and it could be huge for his streaming career.