Twitch cuts Mendo’s ban short after xQc Fall Guys controversy

Mendo in a Team Liquid hoodie and the Twitch logoTeam Liquid/Twitch

Former Overwatch professional Lucas ‘Mendo’ Håkansson has had his suspension reduced by Twitch after being banned for ‘stream sniping’ amid the controversy surrounding Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel. 

Back on November 15, a Twitch Rival Fall Guys event was plunged into controversy when xQc was accused of stream sniping to get an advantage against a number of other streamers. 

The former Overwatch star was handed a seven-day ban from Twitch for his actions, and it wasn’t long before other streamers – Mendo, Tfue, Nightblue3, and GrandPooBear – were also struck down with similar punishments.

Tfue was the only one to escape a suspension from streaming, but the other three, just like xQc, were given a seven-day ban from Twitch, and a six-month ban from Twitch Rivals event, but Mendo has managed to have his shortened. 

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YouTube: OpTic
Mendo was previously a member of the Houston Outlaws before joining Team Liquid.

Late in the day on November 21, the Team Liquid content creator noted that he’d lodged an appeal against his week-long suspension and had managed to be successful in getting it overturned. 

“After an appeal has been sent in I am no longer banned for “Stream Sniping”, but rather for ‘Targeted Harassment’, not sure what this really means but the appeal reduced my suspension,” he tweeted. “My initial 7-day suspension has been reduced to 3 days instead. See you when I’m unbanned :D”

The streamer did add that he was still suspended from Twitch Rivals events for the next six months, just like his fellow streamers, but he’d be free to return to Twitch on November 22 at around 1 pm ET/10 am PT. 

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As for the others who were banned, GrandPooBear tweeted that he should be able to return to Twitch on the same day as Mendo, having his ban shortened too. NightBlue3 hasn’t posted, so its unknown if he has been able to appeal the suspension as successfully as the others.

Fans of Mendo will, no doubt, be hoping that he can avoid any further suspensions so that can sit back, relax, and watch him go to work in games like Apex Legends.