Twitch CEO says they’re open to giving permabanned streamers “another chance”

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Twitch CEO Dan Clancy says the platform is looking into giving permabanned streamers “another chance” at redemption. 

Getting permabanned from Twitch can often be one of the most devastating punishments a streamer can be handed. Historically, those hit with such a strike have been forced to move to rival platforms with varying results. 

Content creators like IShowSpeed and Adin Ross are permabanned Twitch streamers who went on to become the largest streamers on their respective platforms. However, it’s not a similar story for many others without as large a fanbase as both of them. 

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As the label implies, these have always been permanent bans. However, Twitch may be open to getting looser with its terminology in the near future.

Twitch CEO says they are considering overturning permabans

When Twitch CEO Dan Clancy was questioned by streamer Quin69 on the possibility of unbanning permabanned streamers, he said Twitch is considering giving banned streamers “another chance”.

Quin’s question was initially about Destiny, a streamer who was banned in 2022, and whether or not streamers who have been around since Twitch’s inception could have their permaban status overturned. 

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Clancy responded to the question by talking about permabanned streamers generally, “This is an area that we are looking at to figure out what’s the right way to give people another chance.” 

Clancy explained the complications of it all, adding, “The tricky thing is, you need to do this in a scalable way… Whenever you talk about one specific example, one specific person, but people forget that we need to have a similar opportunity for that affiliate that had five concurrent viewers that did it, as we do for these big streamers.

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“Because there’s a lot of small streamers and figuring out a way to do this where when you give people a second chance, you do it scalably and you do it fair. It’s important, and it takes some time to figure out how to do that right.”

The discussions of overturning permabans are in focus once again due to talks between IShowSpeed with Kai Cenat and Clancy potentially overturning Speed’s Twitch ban. 

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However, Clancy made no mention of when Twitch would start forgiving permabans, if it all. We’ll just have to wait and see what their exact plans are in the near future.

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