Twitch bans streamer HeyImBee’s mod for telling "your mom" joke in chat - Dexerto

Twitch bans streamer HeyImBee’s mod for telling “your mom” joke in chat

Published: 12/Jan/2022 23:36

by Michael Gwilliam


A moderator for popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer ‘HeyImBee’ has been banned from the platform for making a “your mom” joke in chat, confusing many on the site.

Twitch has had an interesting start in 2022, to say the least. With the TV show meta dominating the platform, many streamers, have been caught in the confusing crossfire with Pokimane and Disguised Toast being banned.

To follow this up, another broadcaster was briefly banned indefinitely for saying he wanted to “destroy heterosexuals” at Mario Kart – something the site found to be a violation of its hate speech rules before reversing the suspension.


Now, in another weird twist of fate, a moderator has been banned from the site for a week all because they made a “your mom” joke towards their streamer friend, HeyImBee.

Moderator banned by Twitch over joke between friends

On January 9, HeyImBee’s moderator Aymankc revealed they had been banned from the site for seven days for “unsolicited sexual advances.”

The comment in question, according to a screenshot posted by the mod shows them in chat saying “[your] mom knows my strokes” accompanied by the Spanish laughing man meme.

“[Banned] for saying this at my own friend Bee,” the moderator captioned the photo.

Bee also came to her mod’s defense, taking to Twitter to voice her disapproval with Twitch’s decision.


“My mod said a mum joke in chat and Twitch banned him for a week wtf,” she said, leading to many to tag the Amazon-owned site asking for them to undo the suspension.

HeyImBee is a very popular Australian content creator with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 1 million on Twitch, so there is a chance her voice could influence the decision to ban her mod.

As it stands, however, Aymankc, remains banned on Twitch with a few days still left on the suspension.