Is TweetDeck down? Users report website crash on October 1


Used by millions of individuals around the world, social media tool Tweetdeck appears to be down as users have been experiencing issues on October 1.

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One of the most widely utilized social media tools, Tweetdeck has become a staple in the Twitter community and is constantly promoted as one of the best pieces of software for those who spend a great deal of time online.

No different from any other form of social media encountering issues, when Tweetdeck has an off-day, ripples are felt throughout the entire network.

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Established in 2008, Tweetdeck quickly grew to be one of the most popular tools for prominent Twitter users.

Functionality allowed users to schedule posts with ease, manage multiple accounts without having to constantly log in and out, and so much more. On October 1 however, the widely regarded Tweetdeck shut down without warning.

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While little comment has been made on the issue, one update was provided and addressed that “the Twitter data team is investigating a system irregularity affecting the streaming API’.”

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This marks the most recent major outage for the social platform and rest assured that avid users are not at all pleased with the situation.

TweetDeckThe latest update regarding TweetDeck
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The lack of Tweetdeck functionality has led to countless hilarious reactions online, ironically enough, most of which come from Twitter itself.

One user has even shared his opinion, simply arguing that “Twitter without Tweetdeck sucks.”

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Countless users have been reporting a wide range of varying issues at DownDetector, alluding to general problems with the performance of the Twitter platform overall, not just TweetDeck specifically.Update: As of October 2, TweetDeck has been coming back online for users around the world.

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