TSM’s Daequan roasts Reddit trolls during Fortnite Fall Skirmish livestream

Popular Twitch streamer and Team SoloMid memebr Daequan Loco had a few words for Reddit trolls during one of his broadcasts.

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Daequan was spectating Week Three of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish when he broke out into an impression of Reddit’s notoriously toxic community, poking fun at users who criticize Fortnite’s top players on the platform.

“Reddit gonna be over there like, ‘Myth only got 20th place,’” he said in a nasal, mocking tone.

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He took labored breaths while tapping away on his desktop like a faux keyboard. “He must be doo-doo,” he continued. “Meanwhile, I’m typing on Reddit for 400,000 hours of my life and I haven’t gotten paid one cent. I’m gonna hate on everybody who’s not in the Skirmish now.”

Daquan added to the humor by shifting the camera to a close-up of his face, making an impression of the stereotypical ‘nerdy’ laugh often seen in comedies.

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However, he didn’t go without making a more direct statement towards the haters. “Like, get outta here dude,” he said. “Fuck outta my face.”

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He went on to make further comments regarding the haters, insinuating that they spend every minute of their lives posting on the website – even going so far to say that they put their phones in Ziploc bags to post while in the shower.

“They just wait for shit to happen, bro,” he said.

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Friday’s Fortnite action saw Sen’s Aspect and Envy’s Lenain take first place in the American Fall Skirmish standings with 16 points each, with free agent Psalm and Ghost’s Bizzle just behind in second place with 13 points apiece.

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