Tana Mongeau blasts Austin McBroom over Social Gloves pay drama

Tana Mongeau takes shots at Austin McBroom social glovesYouTube: Tana Mongeau, The ACE Family

YouTube star Tana Mongeau is taking shots at the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom after boxers complained about not getting paid for their time at the Battle of the Platforms event in June.

The YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event saw an overwhelming victory for team YouTube — but not for the influencers involved. A number of content creators participating in the project claimed they never got compensated for their time in the ring.

This saw all eyes turn toward Austin McBroom — head of the ACE Family and a fighter in the main event of the evening — after Tana Mongeau, a fellow influencer and MTV starlet, pointed out that he owned Social Gloves, the organization responsible for putting on the event.

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A quick search reveals that McBroom’s company, Ace Hat Collection, Inc., is the owner of the Social Gloves trademark, prompting backlash against the YouTuber for purportedly not paying his fighters.

Tana Mongeau lashed out at McBroom once more in an interview with Forbes’ Frederick Daso, claiming she found Austin’s current situation quite humorous.

“It’s very funny to see someone that you don’t like who has been through some scandals themselves for scamming, potentially be involved in something where people aren’t getting paid.”

“I feel very sorry for so many of my influencer friends working with any company ever to box and not get paid,” she continued. “I think I was just making a joke about it at the end of the day. I hope to God my friends get paid.”

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austin mcbroom yters vs tiktokersYouTube: The ACE Family
The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom took home the W against Bryce Hall on June 12 – but he’s taking an L over allegations of not paying his fighters weeks after the fact.

As for Tana’s thoughts on getting into the ring, herself? The influencer has bandied about the idea on social media before, and claims she’s “excited to try it out.”

“I’m willing to do that for the right amount of money. And that’s the bottom line.”

Tana’s biting remarks about McBroom come after news that the ACE Family is purportedly being evicted from their home circulated on social media. This information has yet to be verified, although numerous purported forclosure documents have been posted online.

For now, it looks like McBroom is bearing the brunt of the internet’s ill will — at least until his boxers get a payday.

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