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Trisha Paytas denies making husband fly economy because they’re “broke”

Published: 27/Jan/2022 17:06

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber Trisha Paytas has denied accusations that they made their husband Moses fly economy to their honeymoon, after posting videos of their own experience in first class.

Trisha Paytas has been making videos on YouTube since back in 2007, garnering almost 5 million subscribers on their main channel. They regularly make content updating fans on what’s going on in their life, and in particular, fans have been paying close attention to the story of their marriage to now-husband, Moses Hacmon.

In late January, Trisha uploaded a series of videos in which they revealed they’d splurged on an Emirates first-class ticket for the honeymoon, talking viewers through the various different options and features of the seat.


They explained that it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and stressed that they “don’t travel like this all the time.”

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However, many commenters pointed out that Moses didn’t appear to have his own first-class seat. “Moses sitting in economy cuz Trisha is broke lmao,” one comment with 28,000 likes read. “Moses in economy eating a stale bag of pretzels,” another said.

Shortly after, Trisha responded to the comments in a series of videos. “I guess these comments are supposed to offend me, but even if I spent every last dollar at least I’m enjoying my life,” they said. “That’s what I like to preach. I never claim to be like super-wealthy, I’ve always said I like to spend my money. Is that a crime?”


In a second video, they responded specifically to claims that Moses was in economy. “You know what I don’t understand, is people’s elitist comments like this. Like one, my husband would be that husband that would let me take a first-class flight and sit in economy.”

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They then encouraged the commenters to go and check Moses’ TikTok, where he uploaded a video of his own first-class seat.

Trisha also stressed that there’s “nothing wrong with economy,” and added, “y’all out here be hating on everything.”