Trainwreck confirms clip feature coming to Kick and claims it will be better than Twitch

Connor Bennett

Trainwreck has confirmed that Kick will, before long, have their own clip system just like Twitch, but he claims it is going to be better than its rival’s offering. 

There have been plenty of attempts to knock Twitch off its perch as the go-to streaming platform of choice over the years, but the Amazon-owned platform has seen pretty much everyone off. 

Though, there is a new challenger in the form of the Stake-backed platform Kick, which has also been able to take streamers like Trainwreck and Adin Ross away from Twitch full-time, while others have streamed on there outside of their Twitch contracts. There have even been claims that the likes of iShowSpeed and Kai Cenat will also be making the leap at some point. 

As its in its infancy, there have been plenty of comparisons between Kick and Twitch, especially given that it looks rather similar to the longstanding industry leader. Though, it is lacking a few key features. 

Trainwreck reveals details about Kick’s clip system to rival Twitch

One of those is, of course, clips, so that viewers can take short highlights from their favorite streamer’s broadcasts. 

Trainwreck, though, has confirmed that they are in the works for Kick and claims that it’ll be a better system than what Twitch has. “Clips to release in ~24 hours,” the former Twitch star tweeted on March 3. 

“I didn’t like Twitch’s stale clips system that requires us to view Reddit to see trending clips, so we’re working to add a “TikTok-like” system for discoverability on clips to help all creators expand their reach to help with growth.”

Train added that the focus on discoverability is aimed at keeping users on Kick rather than leaving to go somewhere like Reddit or YouTube to go and view trending clips.

It remains to be seen how things will shake out, but the streamer is pretty confident about it being a hit.